Tuesday, November 25, 2008

creative writing 101...

The inspiration for this lesson came from refrigerator magnet poetry.

I love that stuff!

This lesson is mostly for the older ones in my classroom - the beginning readers.

The "Bob Book" readers.

I wanted to give them extra practice with
capital letters at the beginning of sentences,
useful words like the, his, and my,
between words,
at the end of sentences.

This lesson also provides
a little writing practice
and an opportunity to read for meaning.

Pink words go first,
orange next,
then green,
and finally a black period at the end.
(There's no particular reason for these colors
other than that was the paper I had to choose from :)
It doesn't matter which words the child chooses
as long as they're in this order.

The words are laminated
and stuck to magnets.
I also made a color-coded line
for the children to use as
a control
for their word order.


  1. I like your blog! And I'm intrigued with the Montessori school concept

  2. I love this idea and will definitely use it with Finn in a little while, thanks!


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