Wednesday, July 22, 2015

matching pictures to pictures

As you may remember, we do A LOT of matching around here...

Elise first matched objects to objects,
and now she's been busy matching pictures to pictures.

Just the thing for strengthening the visual discrimination 
of a little person who's becoming more and more curious about letters and numbers!

Matching picture activities are pretty straightforward to put together - 
all you need are six (ish!) pairs of identical images (less pairs for beginners, more for those wanting a challenge). 
Montessori Printshop and Montessori for Everyone offer many free or inexpensive sets of cards to download and print.  Postcards, concentration/memory game cards, and photographs are also good options.  

OK, ready for our favorite matching picture activity?


Please tell me you hoard old calendars, too, right?!  
Some are just so lovely, they're hard to recycle at the end of the year...  

Anyway, now you can put those old calendars to use!  Cut out and laminate the sample images from the back of a calendar to create little cards.  Attach small pieces of sticky back velcro, and put the little cards in a basket.  

Next, cut apart the main calendar pages and attach the opposite pieces of sticky back velcro to the lower, right corners.  Hang the calendar pages all around the classroom/house/wherever.

Ready, set, match!!!

Elise loves running around the house, looking for matches -
it's kind of like a scavenger hunt.  :)

Want to see a blast from the past?
This was a popular activity back in my teaching days - check it out here!

Happy summer, friends!

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