Wednesday, November 5, 2014

busy hands - toddler edition

A quick glimpse at all the fun things Elise has been up to the past couple months...

posting coins

building bears

 investigating a bear trunk

stacking blocks

 reading with G-Bob

 crafting with friends

spraying rocks

swinging on the big swings

pasting pictures

 experimenting with cornstarch and water

 slicing cheese with a knife

dreaming about winter


  1. I love those little snippets of life! Thank you for sharing. Your baby is growing fast...

    1. Thanks, Deb! Yes - I blinked and Elise became a little girl! So crazy! I think that whenever I see photos of Victoire... she was such a baby when I first *met* you all!

  2. What a fun update! My fave is the cornstarch and water "experiment"!

  3. Those little skis are so cute! Thanks for sharing.


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