Sunday, November 9, 2014

a montessori-inspired placemat

A place for my plate
my napkin,
my glass,
and my fork, knife and spoon?!


Yes, Elise, my little love, I think so, too...

Not only does this placemat appeal to your sense of order,
it reinforces your vocabulary as you name each item,
it provides a control of error as you set your place at the table,
and it offers you an opportunity to match objects to pictures -
which is helping you to develop visual discrimination.

Wow.  :)

For more matching objects to pictures,
come back on Tuesday!
We're matching the whole dang house!!!!

(Well, not really, but almost.)


  1. Nice! I really need to make some of those placemats for us! Maybe we can even make an all-in-one table setting AND dried leaves placemat ;)


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