Monday, July 21, 2014


  ^^The birthday girl sprinkling crushed eggshells on her plants - this is one of the few photos I have of her wearing something other than her birthday suit!  Ha!^^  

We celebrated Elise's second birthday earlier this month
- I can't believe I'm now the mama of a two-year-old!  Yee haw!
Here are a few of the highlights from the special day...  

We started the morning off by adding
a second beeswax candle to the birthday ring.

The decorations were inspired by the Montessori "celebration of life" birthday tradition 
- homemade collages of Elise's first two trips around the sun.

Elise's gifts from Hubs and me included a collection of objects starting with /e/:  
an envelope with a special birthday message inside, 
a Schleich elephant
a marble egg
a framed photo of Elise
and a felt eggplant

Elise loved giving these rainbow crayon party favors to her little guests 
- check out the tutorial here.

For the birthday "cake," I made a rainbow fruit pizza.
I don't have an exact recipe to share, but it's basically a sugar cookie 
topped with cream cheese frosting and fresh fruit.  Yum!

Friends and family came over to help us celebrate with a picnic lunch.  
Last year, Elise invited one friend and his parents, this year she invited two!  

Overall, it was a fun and busy day, but I felt like we kept things simple enough
that we were able to keep our focus on celebrating Elise and her second year of life!  :)
Check out E's first birthday here.


  1. This is really inspiring Anne. Exactly the type of birthday celebration I wanted for Finn's 2 birthday back in January. Somehow it turned out much too complicated, with a big party, too many people, too much to eat, too many presents. I don't know how it got to that. But I'll be sure to read this post again before he turns 3. What a lovely, low key celebration. I love the birthday ring, the collection of E objects (such a perfect idea), the collages, the cake! You are fantastic!

  2. Hi Elsa! Thanks so much for the kind words! :)


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