Monday, February 10, 2014

coffee filter hearts

We decided to show a little V-Day love this week by decorating our windows with colorful, coffee filter hearts.  Not only were they a blast for Elise (and me!) to make, but they put off a lovely, cheerful glow when the sun shines through them.

coffee filters - cut in the shape of hearts,
an assortment of squirt bottles filled with diluted food coloring,
and a cake pan to contain the mess!

(not pictured - a cookie sheet lined with paper towels for drying the hearts)

This activity ended up being perfect for Elise... while she's not quite interested or ready for drawing with markers or painting with paintbrushes, she LOVES squirting water out of bottles!  Also, this activity offered lots of opportunities for us to observe and talk about colors, and Elise is now really excited to identify heart shapes in the environment - lucky for us, they're everywhere right now!

Some more coffee filter art inspiration:

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