Wednesday, February 26, 2014

cloud dough

 In case you didn't already know,
we are big fans of DOUGH around here!

It's inexpensive and easy to make,
appealing to the senses,
and incredibly effective at strengthening fine motor control.

Oh yeah, AND it's FUN!!!

We've been enjoying The Imagination Tree's 4 minute play dough so much lately,
we decided to give their cloud dough a try, too.

Have you ever made cloud dough?

It's really simple - just flour and oil.

(We added a little glitter, too, so I told Elise it wasn't safe to eat...  
as you can see, she couldn't resist a taste here and there when she thought I wasn't looking!)

Elise was instantly enamored with the texture.

I, on the other hand, kept expecting it to feel like regular play dough,
but it was actually more comparable to wet sand.

Like wet sand, cloud dough is great for making imprints.

We tried shells, stones, and twigs,
but Elise was happiest just digging her fingers in...
and her toes...

and eventually her entire body!

7 cups flour
1 cup vegetable oil or baby oil

* We only made half a recipe, but next time I think we'll make the whole recipe and put it in a big tub.  Then, Elise can really get into it, and the mess will be slightly more contained.  I'm still finding dried-up chunks of cloud dough in random places around the house!


  1. I've been meaning to give Cloud Dough a try! I like your idea of putting it in a big tub so they can immerse themselves in it!

    1. Yes, a big tub is definitely a must! Does Finn like playing with play dough?

    2. He loves it and we've been trying new recipes lately. Silky Soft Playdough from the Imagination Tree, which we all loved (playdough is an evening family activity here!) and an invention of mine which wasn't very successfull (ground rice and bubble bath!) It was a bit like a hand scrub rather than playdough, haha!

  2. I like the big tub idea, too!

    I haven't tried cloud dough, but it looks like a mini beach trip! Looks like a lot of fun. :-)

    1. Ha, the next best thing to a beach when it's freezing cold outside! ;) Do you have play dough in your classroom? The kids in my class would have loved making impressions in the cloud dough, but it is messy - lots of sweeping practice required!

  3. Oil and flour? So easy! Sounds like a lot of fun, we shall try soon. Thanks for sharing Anne.
    ps: Love the little tongue!

    1. Yes, Elise is quite the taste-tester! ;)


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