Monday, January 6, 2014

e's new shelf: before & after

Oh, how I love a good before and after!  Those of you who have Montessori-inspired homes know tricky it can be to find child-sized, attractive shelving - especially those of us who live hundreds of miles from the nearest IKEA (452.67 miles for me - I checked).  When I found this top portion of a hutch on the side of the road for free a few days before Christmas, I nearly did cartwheels down the snowy sidewalk.  After dragging it home, Hubs tinkered with it a bit to make it more sturdy, I slapped on a few coats of cornmeal yellow paint, and - voila! - it's now quite possibly the coolest piece of furniture in our house!  

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far!  :)


  1. Awesome! It looks fantastic. Have you secured it to the wall? I know LJ would try to climb it to get to the top stuff

  2. Yes, with a zip tie and a wall anchor - what did you use to anchor your big cube shelf? Elise's new shelf is actually not as tall as it looks, though - she can reach everything on the top as long as it's not too heavy/awkward. Thankfully, she keeps most of her climbing to the couch! :) .


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