Sunday, December 29, 2013

winter bird-watching with a toddler

Last winter, we set up a bird feeder outside our front window, and we've enjoyed watching a variety of bird visitors ever since.  It's been especially great this winter, when it's been too cold to go outside for very long.  We've been feeding a regular group of black-capped chickadees, and an occasional white-breasted nuthatch and northern flicker. The chickadees are friendly enough to stay and dine on a seed or two, even with Elise's face pressed against the window, watching them!

Here are a few activities that I've put together to support Elise's budding interest in birds...

binoculars and cleaning cloth

Of course, she still likes to use my binoculars the most!  

a basket of bird guides

The owl section is Elise's favorite in both books, even upside down.  ;)  

bird feeder and bird magnets
(laminated paper with magnets glued to the back - bird images from

 I couldn't find my much-loved magnet board from my teaching days, 
so we improvised with the lid from our roasting pan!

filling the bird feeder
Elise is always ready to help feed the birds!  
(BTW, I've since shortened the string on our pine cone bird feeder.  
It was a little too wild of a ride for the chickadees - ha!)


  1. That is so awesome Anne! You are so resourceful! I love how everything teams up perfectly. I love the first picture too - it reminds me of a beautiful painting from PEI. x

  2. Ohh just read this post again, it's so nice! If Elise is still into owls, I can email you some owl cards to print for matching that I made this afternoon for Finn who is VERY into owls! Unusual fascination but definitely there.


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