Friday, June 21, 2013

looking back at baby elise part 4: first toys

6 weeks old (skwish is hanging from a toy hanger)

When Elise was just a tiny babe, I remember waiting with eager anticipation for her to reach out and grab something - anything!  At 10 weeks, she was able to hold a little rattle that we would put in her handsI liked the way the rattle would jingle as she moved, but when she dropped it, there was no way for her to pick it up.  I felt like we weren't really setting her up for success, so I just kept watching and waiting...  
12 weeks old

Finally, at 12 weeks, Elise reached out and grabbed the skwish!  I was so excited!  The skwish was large enough that she could pick it up even while lying on her back, and it was light with lots of good places to grab - she could pick it up just by snagging the elastic with her little finger.  I liked that it wasn't made of plastic, and that it made an almost musical sound when moved.  Oh, and the best part - according to Elise?  All the little knobs on the ends were just right for sucking!

 15 weeks old

Although we had a good experience with the skwish, I've heard a few bad stories about it, too.  If your baby plays with a skwish, please check it frequently to make sure all the parts are secure!

 19 weeks old

Here are a few more of Elise's first favorite toys:

teether ball
discoverer's meadow fabric ball
arch toy hanger 
flower fairy dangling figure
puzzle ball
kringelring clutching toy
pingi clutching toy
crinkle book
silicone teether rings
wooden grasping beads
black-and-white rattle
sophie the giraffe

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