Saturday, February 12, 2011

busy hands

squeezing pink water from a dropper
into a heart-shaped ice cube tray
{when all the hearts are full,
use the dropper to suck the water back up
OR just stick the tray in the freezer}

 constructing with 
the pink tower AND the broad stair

 using the 100 board to count to 100
on the 100th day of school
{yes, that IS a muffin tin holding the number tiles}

writing and illustrating 
a book of planets

painting a wooden bead 
with liquid watercolor

 two friends wearing their hand-painted
valentine's day necklaces
{we can't wait for v-day around here!}


  1. I like the new look. Very calming!

    I love the work. We have a lot of planet work going on in the 3-6 classroom too.

    It looks as though you all had a lot of fun this week.

  2. Lovely ideas! Could you please tell us more about the book of planets?

  3. The two friends! So sweet! I like the painting of the beads. Great idea and I am sure very popular.

  4. What the hell are you doing back on line???? What a lovely Valentine surprise. Will have to go back and check out all your new posts. Nice to see you again and hear your bloggy voice again.


    (Making of a Montessori Mum
    Sunbeams and Sanity)


  5. Elsa:

    To make a planet book, first the child matches 3 part cards of the planets {ie, cards with both the pictures of the planets and their names, cards with just the pictures, and cards with just the names}. The pages of the book have outlines of the planets and dotted lines to write the planets' names. The child fills out a page for each planet.

    Hope that makes sense!

    Jess: email me, lady !!! I would love to catch up with you!


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