Thursday, February 10, 2011

100 days of love

Today was our 100th day of school! Yeee haw!!!
{it goes by SO fast}

One activity we did to celebrate this special day

was make this lovely heart mosaic...

As you may know, I love mosaics.

Cutting snips alone strengthens fine motor control.
But, if you combine YOUR snips with all your classmates' snips
and make a giant mosaic,
you strengthen the whole community.

TLF, ya know?

First, you need a simple outline of a heart drawn on a big piece of paper.

Then, you need to gather these supplies:
paint swatches {we wrote the numbers 1-100 on ours}

Have everything? Now cut and glue!

Three children worked on the mosaic at a time.
They were sometimes the most unlikely trio, too.
{I love when that happens!}

This mosaic was finished in one morning work period,
and now it hangs by the snack table for everyone to enjoy.
The children love looking for "the 100."


  1. How did I not see/know that you're "back"!!!
    Hooray and EEEEEeeeee!!!! : )
    So happy to see your sweet blog again.
    Now off to go read previous posts and see what I've missed. : )


  2. I love it!!

    "They were sometimes the most unlikely trio, too.
    {I love when that happens!}"

    You're are so enthusiastic! Come be Egg's after school home teacher already! I'll pay you in cups of tea

  3. rainbowmummy - sounds great! when should I book my ticket?


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