Monday, December 7, 2009

oh baby...'s cold outside!

Yes, that thermometer says -10 F, and it's not measuring the windchill.

We have been a bit stir crazy around here, if you can imagine.
{It's supposed to be colder tomorrow, too.}

To blow off steam, we've been doing some Brain Gym exercises.
I'm not even close to being an expert on Brain Gym,
but I do know that it's healthy for your brain
to do activities where you cross the midline of your body.
{The children love doing them, too!}

This one is called cross crawl.
Lift your knee and reach across
to touch it with your opposite hand.
Repeat with your other knee and hand...
almost like you're walking in place.
Want to make it more challenging?
Try doing it with your eyes shut!

This one is called hook ups,
but we call it the pretzel.
Put the backs of your hands together.
Then, reach your right hand over your left
and lock your fingers together.
Bend your elbows and twist your hands up against your chest.
More challenge?
Cross your legs, too!

It's perfect to do at line time
because it improves your concentration.
I always tell children they can put their hands
in their laps, on their knees, or in the pretzel.
They usually choose the pretzel. :)

I added a weather widget to the right column of the blog,
so you can see just how cold we are!
Right now, it says -29 F.
Frost is growing on our bedroom wall...


  1. burrrrrrrrrr! Cold here too, but not so cold... no wind this morning (-10). It will be a clear, sunny, frigid day!

  2. Wow - here in Engalnd it is damp with a capital D! I dream of cold like yours - so much less ache-inducing!

  3. Wow, now I think I should be complaining less about the ice storm we're having tonight. Yikes. Remind me to stay here and never move.

  4. Wow. I've never experienced cold like that. It was close to 70 today in East Texas.

  5. Wow - that is cold! I love how you all occupied your time - looks like fun!

  6. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and your house has thawed out!! I left you a Sunshine award over at my blog because your posts always make me smile!

  7. I gave you the Lemonade Stand Award on my blog! I always look forward to your posts!


  8. I'm so excited to share an award with you!! Go to my website to receive it!! Thanks for all of your creativity and inspiration!!


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