Monday, October 19, 2009

sweet and scary

The idea for these scary {and sweet} spiders
came from Jennifer at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.
She is one busy, crafty lady!

Each child painted a section of an egg carton.
{We used brown, purple, and black paint.}

The children selected googly eyes
and glued them onto their spiders.

Then came the tricky part,
we had to WAIT for the paint to dry.

Whew! It was intense!
Have you ever watched paint dry?!!!

When the paint was almost dry,
I poked 8 holes in each spider with a corn cob skewer.
Then, the children counted-out 8 pipe cleaner legs
and pushed them through the tiny holes.

Aren't they spook-tabulous?
I love the way the indentations on the bottom of the
egg carton make the spiders look like they're smiling. :)

FYI: I did this as an afternoon project with a group of five 3-4 year olds.


  1. My son is really enjoying making Halloween crafts to decorate his bedroom with - this will need to be one of them. Wait, let me go rescue that egg carton from the recycling container to be put out tomorrow! What I wouldn't give for a big old barn to store boxes of recyclables for future craft projects...

  2. We will definitel be making these.

  3. I love all your ideas! My son and I are having fun trying most of them! So I gave you an award on my blog! Please go and check it out!!


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