Sunday, October 25, 2009

fabric lacing

The idea for this lacing activity came from Montessori Mama.

A small group of children laced squares

of upholstery fabric onto ribbons.
Some ribbons were threaded with needles, some with buttons.

The work was so satisfying,

I couldn't prep the fabric fast enough!

{I was cutting upholstery samples into small squares,

then cutting a slit in the middle.}

Here are some of the uses the children came up with for their creations:

cat toy
fishing line


  1. Looks like a great fine motor skills activity, and sounds fun!

  2. I love it! And I really like how you added the bell...this would be a cute gift for the grand parents if it was made with Christmas fabric!!

    Love it!!! We will be trying this soon!!!

  3. though my blog started for food allergies, i am having a ball with the preschool stuff. so i'm starting a new preschool blog list and put you on it, if you don't mind. i'm a big of a ringleader so i'm sure all my friends will be stopping in!

  4. what a darling project! I'm always trying to think of things my child can string on a ribbon. :)

  5. this is great. wish i could find a way to get a bunch of samples of fabric. my mom even owns a sewing shop but it's all cotton. i need to find different textures. looks like you had all kinds of fun material!

  6. brilliant use of those darn samples!


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