Friday, October 9, 2009

busy hands

cleaning up a big spill

The children serve themselves milk and water at lunchtime.
It can be challenging, as an adult, to witness a big spill...
but it's all part of becoming independent!
{We use a lot of cloths around here!}

...3 thousand, 4 thousand, 5 thousand...
the big display
{a representation of the decimal system from 1 - 9,000)

sharpening pencils
{Hey! Isn't that the same kid from the big spill? - Yes, he's a busy guy!}
The new pencil sharpener is still the cat's meow...
from 6 inches to 1 inch in less than a 60 seconds.
{We've been having a lot of discussions
about sharpening pencils too short!}

playing a bell...
and listening until the beautiful sound is all gone.

matching color tablets
to things in the environment...
{"Look! The pink tower is pink! Our favorite color!"}

building words
with the movable alphabet
{It's important to remember that when a child builds a word,
she's not necessarily able to read it yet.}

Here's a photo of what my busy hands made this week...
a new hat!
Perfect for all these snowy days we're having around here.
If you're curious about the pattern I used,
I bought it here.
{Yes! I actually bought a pattern. I'm pretty sure it was worth it.}


  1. Love all of the pics. I was just wondering how you deal with "spills". I know you let them clean it up but what if they miss some or the floor is still sticky when they are done? Do you secretly re-clean it when they aren't looking? I have this issue with my little one and am not sure what to do?

  2. Good question! We teachers are always debating when to clean, what to clean, and how much to clean. For the most part, the community of children takes care of their classroom themselves. When the child in the photo spilled the milk, several children were quick to help him out. If a child makes a mess or doesn't clean it up thoroughly, usually the other children will notice, point it out to him or her, or just fix it themselves. That said, I do clean at the end of the day when the children are gone.

    A home situation is totally different, though! If a child seems in over her head with a spill or something, I often will ask her if she needs help. Then, I'm able to help her do a thorough job - without any secret cleaning. Maybe this would work for you in your home? I've been caught in the act of secret cleaning before, and I think it makes children feel like their work isn't valued or good enough.

    Hope that helps! Good luck with getting your house ready to sell!


  3. I like your blog sooo much!
    I hope you don't mind if I say that the name of "The pink tower" in Spanish is "La torre rosa" or "La torre rosada".

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Thank you! I'm always a little confused about the gender of nouns in Spanish. I'll fix it! :)


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