Monday, September 7, 2009

reduce, reuse, recycle

Let me try to explain...
in Montana, we have these transfer stations where people who "rough it" in the country can still throw away their garbage. Most people who choose to live this way do it quite poshly, so I think it's worth peeking through their "trash" every once and awhile...

I promise I don't do this very often!

...but, Hubs and I were going on a hike, and there was this PERFECT chair by the side of one of the green cans when we first went by...

We decided that if it was still there on our way home, we would pick it up. Of course, it was gone. I was crushed and there were tears, but Hubs made it up to me by agreeing to let me check all the cans for some sort of suitable replacement.

It turned out to be a stack of children's books.

Who would ever throw away Mrs. Rumphius?
Or any book for that matter?!!!
Geez Louise, people, it's a recession!
Even if it wasn't, haven't they ever heard of reduce, reuse, recycle?

Good thing I didn't fall in! ;)


  1. I promise I would do it very often if I had something like that near where I live! Dumpster Diving is like free garage sale, just a little messier! Can you tell I'm a garage saleing, thrift store kinda gal?

  2. I don't think when they wrote "walk in" on the dumpster they meant it literally!lol You should leave a box out there for donations!! Love the pic. x

  3. Ha.. love it! You are my kind of girl! :)

  4. Do what? That's a crime! Miss Rumphius is one of my favorites! :(


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