Tuesday, September 15, 2009

melting ice

The idea for this game/science experiment came from Laura at My Montessori Journey.
It was the perfect activity for a hot, September afternoon!

Since we don't have a color printer, we couldn't print out the original direction sheet from hummingbirded.
Instead, Christy (my fabulous co-teacher) typed up the directions, and I drew the quirky little pictures on the side. :)

The children split up into groups of two.
I gave each group
a dice,
a dish of water,
and two ice cubes.

Everyone shared the shaker of salt.

Not only was this activity a fun counting game AND an ice melting experiment, it was an exercise in cooperation... and it was a riot!
(In a good way!)

If a child rolled a 1,
he held the ice cube in his hands
for 10 seconds...

If a child rolled a 2,
he had to drop the ice cube
down his shirt...

(miraculously, I never rolled a 2)

If the child rolled a 3,
he blew on his ice cube
for 10 seconds...

If the child rolled a 4,
he dropped his ice cube on the table...

If the child rolled a 5,
he sprinkled 10 shakes of salt
on his ice cube...

if the child rolled a 6,
he counted to 10
as his ice cube floated in water.

If you're wondering how to get your
ice cube to melt the fastest,
try to roll a lot of 2's.

7 out of 7 kindergartners agree,
dropping an ice cube down your shirt
is the most efficient (and fun) way to get it to melt!


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