Tuesday, September 29, 2009

hand washing

In a classroom filled with kids and teachers,
it is imperative that we wash our hands


Usually, it's 30 seconds at the sink
with that orange antibacterial goop,
but every once and awhile it's nice to slow down,
bring out the french-milled soap,
and turn it into an elegant affair. ;)

What you'll need:
  • soap (the fancier the better) & a fingernail brush in a dish
  • pitcher for warm water (Do you remember what the red line says?)
  • hand towel
  • mat (to organize materials and to catch any stray splashes of water)
  • basin
  • delicious hand cream

As I observed this child washing her hands,
I realized that she was having a special experience.
Not only did her body relax as she concentrated on her task,
but she took the time admire all the tiny details on her hands.
Taking a moment to care for herself became meditative and intimate.

I can't say exactly how this child felt
as she dried her hands and rubbed cream into her skin,
but I can tell you that after I took my turn,
my fingers were literally tingling with joy...
okay, you're probably thinking
but seriously, people,

it was like a Montessori spa!


  1. SERIOUSLY ANNE! ;) You are getting all serious over there! I was in the other part of the classroom dealing with all the CHAOS while you and Hazel are enjoying the Sourdough Spa! I think I may have to try out your tactics tomorrow! ;O)

  2. Ha, ha! Christy, hand washing is definitely all yours tomorrow! You deserve it!

  3. Hi Anne

    I have just come over from the blog, Pink and Green Mama, where your alphabet box was featured.

    I have loved reading through your blog and learning some new ideas that I can't wait to try out with my children (I will reference any ideas that I do use of yours back to you and your blog)

    I look forward to visitng again soon.

  4. Awesome. As you know I have ocd, and am a bit c-c-c-crazy when it comes to washing my own hands but his school done this thing that drove me NUTS!! The had this hand washing guy out and the kids were told things like don't cover your mouth when you cough/sneeze and eeeeeeeek don't touch taps, use a paper towel to turn on the tap. WTF. It was like an ocd training camp.

    Ps try some minty foot/hand scrub for a tingly feeling!

  5. that is so cute!! what a fun little change in the day!

  6. Anytime anyone I know travels anywhere, I make them bring me back travel soaps from hotels for hand washing. They are the perfect size, and sometimes very luxurious!

  7. I love it! We're doing this tomorrow.


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