Monday, August 31, 2009

action shots

here's what they've been doing:

dry pouring
~dried soup beans~

mixing up soap suds
~for washing snack plates~

cylinder blocks
~big to little~

painting at the easel
~check out the way she's filling in
the entire page with that tiny brush!~

here's what I've been doing:

Ha, ha! I wish!
No, this photo was staged...
~I've actually been running around like a crazy woman!~


  1. oh man I came to your site and was going to say, "Where are the action shots?" Just to give you a hard time because I knew there was no way you could post them after the ACTION PACKED day we had.....but you had!!!
    SUPER TEACHER AWARD goes to you! See you in the AM!

  2. Oh how this all takes me back to my childhood! My mom used to teach at a Montessori preschool and we all went to school there. I am also trying to incorporate some of these things into my own homeschooling lessons..

    Thanks for the memories and inspiration! :)

  3. it looks so nice! im sad to not be working with you this

  4. X-Tine: The classroom is not the same without you! We all miss you! Maybe we can have an adult play date soon...


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