Tuesday, July 14, 2009

glamping: part 2

**Of course there's a Part 2! Did you really think I could haul my you-know-what 23 miles in one day?!?! Actually, I'm pretty surprised I was able to do it in two (my you-know-what is VERY sore)! Oh yeah, the title of this post is not entirely accurate because I think we were too greasy/stinky/funky to qualify as "glampers" on day 2 - we were also out of boxed wine.**

Backpacking through the Crazy Mountains
with Hubs and Rosie C.W.

Day 2: Trespass Creek to Cottonwood Creek Trail Head

We woke up to this

started walking (if I wasn't wearing a backpack, this would have been a good meadow for some Sound-of-Music-style frolicking)

and then realized we had to hike up and over another steep mountain pass,
but this time with thunder rumbling in the sky.

Um, yeah, we RAN (I refuse to die by lightning strike)
pretty much the entire way back to the car.
I did stop for a millisecond to take a picture of the goats.
(I'd been looking for goats the whole trip)

It started pouring as soon as we got in the car. We breathed a sigh of relief, and gobbled up several slices of slimy pepperoni. (Waste not, want not! It wouldn't have tasted as good anywhere else but at that moment anyway!)

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  1. Man you must be in great shape! Love all of your pics. Makes me nostalgic for home.


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