Monday, June 8, 2009

Lucky the green dog

Don't you just love him? Lucky is quite possibly the most precious two-legged dog ever. (In my opinion!) The idea for this lesson came from Kathy Barbro's blog, Art Projects for Kids - check her out if you haven't already! Even though many of the projects seem to be designed for older artists, they can easily be tweaked for little ones as well.

Cut, paste, draw! I'm loving this lesson because it's creative, and it requires skills like fine motor control, visual discrimination, and spacial awareness. Plus, the children had a blast cutting up old magazines! Woof!


  1. LOL. Oh that dog is just gorgeous! Very loved too I'm sure. (:

  2. glad to see you are back; this is one of your callings! love the hound and ski photos! going to silver and speculator lake the third or fourth week of august, want to come?

  3. what a lovely dog!
    I love this idea!


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