Friday, June 26, 2009


Hubs and I made this mason bee post about a month ago, and the bees have finally started moving in! We drilled holes into an old fence post - they're about 1/4" wide and go almost all the way to the back of the post.

We stuck the post in our backyard facing east. And now, a month later, mason bees have visited and laid their eggs. How exciting is that? (Unless Hubs is playing a trick on me and filling in the holes with mud himself.)

I think this project would be fun to do with children! Mason bees DON'T sting, and I can't wait to start watching them pollinate my flower beds. I've heard that watching bees is more fun that watching television. I almost believe it because it's been pretty darn fun just staring at the post!

This video showed us how to make our bee post. We didn't do the roof part, and it seems like it's still going to work. Beware, the mason bee song on this video is almost too catchy...


  1. egg has a very love hate relationship with this wouldn't bee (see what I did there?!) for us. I think it's a sensory thing with the noise. Though we enjoy playing bees, lol.

    I however was amazed by a bee I got close to the other day, who was rubbing himself all over, a bit like a cat!!

    Hey can I come live with you guys, you have a great life!!


  2. I've never heard of a mason bee! Are they regional? The video was Canadian, right? The "hoese" gave him away...that, and his use of metric...heh.

  3. We get masnonry bees in England so I dodn't think they are that regional..... I bought out little house for them though!

  4. I don't think mason bees are regional... they sound like they're all over the U.S. and the U.K., too!

    Rainbowmummy, you can come over anytime you want - the sun is shining and there's a mojito with your name on it (bikini is optional).

  5. How interesting - I'd never have thought of this...

  6. what a great idea! here's my question - how do you know that mason bees will come and live in your fence post as opposed to say, other not-so-fun insects?

  7. P.S. Montessori - I actually wondered that same thing. If something unpleasant moves in, I'll take the post down. I'm pretty sure that hornets, yellowjackets, and most wasps live in hives, whereas the mason bee is a solitary dweller. I'm curious to see what will actually come out of those mud-filled holes!


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