Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the quantity splitting box

I just have to show you this ingenious little
addition lesson I've been loving lately!
Prepare to be amazed...

First, the child counts how
many marbles are in the dish.
The quantity of marbles is up to you.

Next, he or she pours the marbles
onto the top of the box.
See that tab on the right side?

The marbles drop to the next level,
and roll into the hole.

How many are on the green side?
How many are on the red side?
The red side plus the green side equals
the quantity of marbles that were in the dish!
The child can continue to pour the marbles
into the box to find out all the possible
addition combinations of that quantity.

Cool, huh?!

Almost as cool as these hubcaps
we found at the junkyard.
Maybe it's just me,
but I think they look lovely
hanging on a wall!
Find your own at the junkyard
for $2.50 each. :)

OH! Sidetracked! Sorry!
You can buy your own
Quantity Splitting Box here.
It's nearly $40, though. Yikes!
I have a feeling that some of you creative
mamas out there can create your own
clever variation of this game.
Please share if you do!


  1. Nifty little box! And those hubcaps do look good - I never would have thought it... :)

  2. love the box! very cool.

    And yes, 'go the hub caps' - your mother-in-law would be proud I imagine. (:

  3. Hmmmmm...wonderful activity...I'll need to think on recreating that one. Sounds like a very good thing...

  4. I was wondering if you could suggest a resource, either online or in a real book, that gives a good timeline for introducing different skills and activities for preschoolers. I have a good collection of Montessori-type activities, but have no idea what to begin with and how to proceed through them.

  5. I love the quantity splitting box, but I am having a hard time finding it online. Any suggestions! I checked the provided link, but didn't have any luck. I asked my hubby to make one, but he is so busy right now. Oh ... by the way I love your blog. Please stop by mine anytime! have a great day and stay warm.


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