Thursday, February 19, 2009

preparing the little ones for their HGTV debut...

a new twist on painting at the easel...
a tray of paint &
a small roller brush

Simple, right(?!),
but what a huge hit!
... maybe because they'd watched
their parents paint like this at home,
or maybe because the roller did
such a fantastic job of filling
the entire page with paint...
whatever the reason,
the children were lining up

all morning to give it a try!


  1. I am headed to Wal Mart for the tiny rollers and paint pans. I can't wait to let my little ones try this.

  2. We tried this at home a while ago and I have a picture of my son that looks almost exactly like the picture you posted! After we were done painting, we cleaned off the roller and he "painted" every surface in the house! We also used the roller outdoors with a bucket of water to "paint" the walls and the fence. FUN!

  3. ohh I like it a lot, also you could use wood (like a fence outside) or a wall and water :0)


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