Monday, December 15, 2008

what color are your cowgirl boots?

Every year, the children
all make something
extra special
to give to their parents for

This year, we painted ornaments, and they have been a huge success.

We took the tops off of clear glass balls and filled them with a few squirts of acrylic paint.The children covered the openings of the balls with cotton and shook them to make the paint swirl. After they reached desired swirly-ness, we put the tops back on the ornaments and let them dry.

Aren't they beautiful? What a quick, easy, and totally classy project!

Melissa at Chasing Cheerios made these ornaments with her sweet little girl, and she has some great pictures on her blog.
Check them out here.

random information
part I
This is how cold it was out on the playground today:

That's right, -20 degrees (F)!

random information
part II

Hubs and I went to an ugly sweater party tonight.

I said,
"Are you sure it's an ugly sweater party?
What if we're the only ones wearing something weird?"

We went to the thrift store
and bought the most fabulous sweaters we could find.
The woman at the register said,
"Oooo... I think that's rabbit fur."
I was like,
"This aqua blue poncho is totally NOT made out of rabbit fur."

The moral of the story:

1. We were the only ones at the party wearing ugly sweaters.
2. The label says 100% rabbit fur. Eeew!
3. I have no shame.
4. I found these purple cowgirl boots
at the thrift store, too. ($5)

I think they totally make up for everything.


  1. Oh my God! What a fabulous idea! I love the ugly sweater party - and to think I was going to recycle mine this week. Must have a party first. (:

  2. OMG accidental rabbit fur, arrgghh. I feel a little ill that a bunny (and the rare aqua breed at that) had to be skinned to make THAT! Let's hope it was used for it's meat as well (which I hear orange, joking, joking! :0P).

    I agree with the above *Making of a Montessori Mum* (M-U-M, UK??!!) sounds like a fab idea for a party!

    Ps, When you showed us how cold the playground was I thought for a split second I was looking at some sort of frozen to the window bird, lol.

    Great gifts for parents and cow boy boots are awesome, assuming there not made from one of the Muppet's or anything!!


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