Friday, December 19, 2008

lock and key

This much loved
practical life lesson
is sort of like a sibling to
nuts and bolts.

In true Montessori fashion,
the locks are lined up
across the top of a felt
left to right,
largest to smallest.

The child then determines
which key will open which lock.

The challenge of our lock and key lesson
is that two of the keys fit into the same lock,
but only one is able to twist it open.

The children love to listen for the
the locks make when they are
opened and closed.
The large lock makes a
big "click"

and the small lock makes a
little "click".

The children also enjoy
locking all the locks together. :)
Who wouldn't, right?


  1. This post actually sent shivers down my spine, good shivers I mean. What a great activity!!

  2. What a practical activity! I'm putting it on my list for one of these days...


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