Sunday, December 14, 2008

the coldest day ever...

...maybe not EVER,
but it is extremely cold here.
It's 15 below 0 (fahrenheit).
Here are some pics of how cold it is in our house:

Hubs left his hand prints
in the frost on our back door.
Let me clarify, the INSIDE of
the back door.

Our frosty peephole -
once again, this is the inside
of our house.
Yes, another inside pic.
This is our front doorknob.
Frost on a window - doesn't actually look
too bad comparatively, does it?


  1. BRRRrrr! I'm in Phoenix and last week was the first time we ran our heat (for an hour). :) Currently wearing flip flops.

  2. Yeah, we've got no heat at home, it's freakin freezin! No ICE though, LOL!


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