Monday, November 10, 2008

scrubbing fish...

I just had to post about this fish scrubbing lesson I put together last week! Doesn't it look like a real fish?!

It looks even more real when it's wet!

Object scrubbing lessons are quite popular in my classroom. They're kind of like the next step after water transfer lessons like basting and droppering. They require fine motor control and organization, but not quite as much as the grating lessons. Scrubbing definitely builds muscular strength, as-well-as provides children with plain-old, satisfying work! :) It's relatively easy to set up - just look for something scrubbable!

Sometimes, we scrub the little house from the fish tank...

or teeth...

or maybe a big rock.

What kind of things do you and your children like to scrub? I'm always searching for new ideas! :)


  1. We do "car washes"...scrubbing little matchbox cars with a toothbrush. :) We've also washed playdishes in a basin, and playsilks out on the deck, hanging them up to dry. This is in our home though, so I don't know how the playsilks thing would work in a school. It's pretty drippy.

    I'd love to know where to find those big ole teeth!

  2. We've washed our 'crocs' - the rubber shoes - which was fun. I posted about it here!:

    I'm on the lookout for some false teeth now!!! Fantastic idea! Do they eat the toothpaste? That'd be a problem here ;) lol.

  3. I want to know where you got your teeth!

  4. Sorry it's taken me so long to answer about the teeth! I think they're plaster molds from a dentist's office... we have a whole tub of them. I don't know if dentists give those kinds of things away, but they might - somebody donated them to us! :)


  5. We scrubbed pennies once - I think with vinegar & salt? Smells a little & may sting chapped winter skin - but a weak solution would probably do. That fish is awesome! I love the idea. I've been enjoying your blog & made a sorting tray tonight.


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