Tuesday, October 14, 2008

pumpkin sewing

pumpkin sewing

I feel like I've dropped the ball a little bit this year when it comes to sewing... but, as of yesterday afternoon and today, I feel like everything is getting back on track! Prior to the first day of school, I had set a basket of lacing cards on one of the shelves meant for activities that the children didn't have to have an "official lesson from a teacher" to use. So, they waited, amidst puzzles and baskets of blocks for the children to use them. For the first couple weeks of school, they were actually used quite frequently, but then the novelty wore off, and the children discovered more exciting things like pink towers and mirror washing. As for me, I had actually forgotten how satisfying sewing is to children!

Yesterday afternoon, I got out the pumpkin sewing lesson I had prepared, and presented it to one of my little students. As she sewed her pumpkin, a crowd of silent onlookers quickly formed. After she had finished, the children who had been watching each took their own turn with the lesson. This may sound scandalous to you other Montessori teachers, but I actually never got up from the table! One child after another sat down with me, watched my presentation, and sewed a pumpkin. This went on for nearly the entire work period!

This morning, they were back at it! Threading needles. Sewing pumpkins. There is definitely something meditative about the repetition of sewing. Not to mention, sewing takes excellent precision and fine motor control. :) I'm excited that the children are all so excited - it means I've satisfied a need for many of them. Next week, I might just put out sewing button eyes on a felt jack-o-lantern. Some of them are ready for it!

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  1. Hi Anne... I'm playing with setting up a google account... hope I am successful! Your "itty bitty love" site is fantastic! I look at your site every day and it helps me with being a docent at the Historical Museum. Yesterday 40 first graders and I pressed apples for cider; tomorrow 20 kindergarders and I will do the same. I engage them through the whole process: crush, press, and drink! Talk to you later, Dad


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