Saturday, October 11, 2008

a halloween paper story...

Once upon a time, there was little witch who lived along the banks of Sourdough Creek (the creek near our school). She was so tiny, she was actually shorter than my pinkie finger. The little witch spent the whole summer hiking along the trail, swimming in the creek, and camping under the stars. Life was grand for the little witch, but then the days started to grow shorter... and the summer began to turn into fall. One morning, the little witch woke up, quite uncomfortably, to frost on the tip of her hat and a very cold wind blowing down from the mountains. She struggled through the wind and blowing leaves, searching disparately for a place to snuggle up and keep warm.

Whoosh! An orange piece of paper came swirling from the sky and landed in front of the little witch. She started to walk around it, when suddenly she got an idea... Maybe I can use this piece of paper to build myself a house!

The little witch quickly got to work, and folded the piece of paper in half. Hmmm... this looks right, but the top of my house is missing something... I know! A roof!

The little witch cut the corners of the paper off to make a roof. There! Much better! She went around to the front of her new house and tried to walk inside. Oops! This house is missing something... I know! A door!
The little witch cut a door out of one side of the house. She even gave it a little point, so her hat would fit through. Much better! She walked inside her new house. Oh my! It's so dark in here! I can't see anything... I know! I need a window!
The little witch quickly cut a window out of the other side of her house. Much better! The little witch felt very warm and cozy in her new house. She went to her window to watch the storm outside. Oh, it's windy out there! Wait! Who's that? Why, I think it's my friend, Ladybug!

The little witch hurried outside to invite her friend in. Together, they cut a little door just for Ladybug to use. They spent the whole winter warm and safe in their house, happily sipping hot cocoa and playing checkers. Do you know what their house really was?

It was a jack-o-lantern! The End. :)


  1. so cute...I'm going to have to use it:) in the classroom.

  2. OH! Why didn't I stumble upon your site earlier!?

    That's okay, we'll make a witch house anyway! lol

  3. I have read the directions for this witch house, but as a visual learner, I could never figure it out! I will definitely be doing it this year. I have programmed a reminder into my cell phone so I don't forget!

  4. Adorable!! I can't wait to do this one for my girls, they'll think I'm a magician : ) artsy magician!

  5. I do this every year. I've never known someone who also did it.
    The kids love it!


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