Friday, September 26, 2008

getting fit on friday afternoon

Last night, R and I and our usual crew of merry men went to the Emerson to watch this year's TGR (Teton Gravity Research) ski film, Under the Influence. It was pretty good - some excitement inducing footage, as-well-as some so-so footage. Overall, though, the whole experience gave me some major pangs of old-ladyhood. The crowd consisted mainly of loud, rowdy, college kids, dressed in costumes, standing up on the seats,yelling, chugging beer, etc. As for us, we had all worked an 8-hour day, wanted to enjoy a film from our seats, and were not drunk. Maybe we're getting too old for the 9:30 showings of ski films... anyway, to my credit, I was wearing fairly cool clothes, I drank a can of PBR, and I enjoyed the quiet satisfaction of knowing I too had skied my ass off in all that Jackson powder that was playing on the screen.

Here's the trailer for Under the Influence:

The film did leave me feeling inspired about the upcomming ski season. R and I both bought our Bridger passes this morning. It also reminded me that I seriously need to get myself in shape, especially since I plan on being queen of the ridge this year. JK! :)

Hence, I decided to take Rosie on a run this afternoon.

We ran on a dirt road just out of town with great views of Elephanthead Mountain.

R and I and aforementioned merry men skied Elephant head last spring. This picture is from then, not today.

Rosie enjoys scavenging for things to eat - living, dead, or otherwise.

I walked up this hill. Actually, after the first hill, most of the run was a walk. This was mainly due to the fact that all I had consumed so far was Ramen noodles, brownies, and endless cups of coffee.

Mud puddles are always quite satisfying to Rosie.

I forced her to cuddle with me - ha!

Rosie hates public displays of affection.

It was a good show of wildlife, considering it is hunting season. I thought this antelope was especially handsome. Blurry, but handsome. :)

This picture of buck mule deer is really blurry because I was so breathless, I couldn't hold the camera steady. I guess most of my pictures are blurry for this reason.

My goal was to get to this ranch road. This is the road that leads to the Forest Service access to Elephanthead. The man who owns this ranch and the property the road runs through is an extremely cranky, ornery codger. When we did the ski trip last spring, we mistakenly parked by the access, on his property. After arriving home, we realized that he'd keyed our friend's truck while we were out skiing. I'm glad Rosie and I didn't see him today because he probably wouldn't think twice about shooting at Rosie, or at me, for that matter! I probably would have ran a lot faster!

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