Thursday, August 21, 2008

and we are now officially commuters...

Driving home today, I felt tired, hungry (and a little ornery), but still inspired and excited to be back in the Montessori world! We live in a town about 20 miles away from where we're working, so R, Rosie the Dog, and I get to to take a mini road trip together everyday. Isn't it fun to drink coffee, listen to music, and talk in the car?

It was actually cold enough in the mountains that this storm left the first snow of the season! I can't wait to break out the new skis I bought with my economic stimulus check!

Another thing I love about the Montessori school where I'm going to teach is that there's a dog kennel in the back for the teachers to bring their dogs to school. I feel way better about commuting knowing that I don't have to leave Rosie alone in another town. Lucky dog!

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